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Passover 2014 Menu

Stuffed Cabbage-Buffalo

$7.95 ea.

Dry Cervalet similar to Salami

$23.95 ea.

Roast Chicken (Med)

$14.95 ea.

Barbequed Chicken (Med)

$14.95 ea.

Boiled Chicken (Med)

$14.95 ea.

Roasted Stuffed Chicken for 2

$19.95 ea.

Boneless Stuffed Chicken Breast

$15.95 ea.

Stuffed Chicken Legs

$8.95 ea.

Chicken Loaf

$11.95 lb.

Meat Loaf

$10.95 lb.

Veal Loaf

$12.95 lb.

Salisbury Steak 2 per pack with gravy

$16.99 pk

Brisket of Beef Prime

$26.95 lb.

Roast Beef Prime

$25.95 lb.

USDA Prime Rib Roast 3 bones

$149.00 ea.

Roast Shoulder Veal

$26.95 lb.

Shoulder Lamb Chops w/gravy

$9.95 ea.

Free Range Barbequed Duck, Baked or Roast

$49.95 ea.

Free Range Roast Turkey Whole

$89.00 ea.

Turkey Breast

$21.95 lb.

Whole Breast of Veal Stuffed

$89.95 ea.

Southern Baked Chicken Skinless

$14.95 ea.

Free Range Turducken

$229 ea. plus tax

Free Range Turducken Cooked

$259.00 ea. plus tax

Organic Turducken Raw

$299.00 ea. plus tax

Organic Turducken Cooked

$329.00 each plus tax

Passover Seder Package

$299.95 each plus tax

2 Passover Seder Packages

$579.95 each plus tax







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