Side Dishes

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Passover 2014 Complete Menu

Matzoh Balls Jumbo 6 pieces

$7.95 each package

Potato Pudding 3-4 portions

$8.95 each

Spinach Souffle 3-4 portions

$8.95 each


$12.00 qt

Matzoh Farfel w/vegetables XL

$12.95 each

Matzoh Farfel Pudding XL - Salt and Pepper

$8.95 each

Matzoh Farfel Pudding Sweet 2 lbs

$9.95 each

Charoses w/raisins, honey and walnuts

$10.95 lb.

Carrot Tzimmes w/pineapple

$6.95 lb.

Stuffed Derma

$9.95 each


$8.95 each

Roast Red Bliss Potatoes

$5.95 lb.

Horseradish - red or white

$3.00 each

Pickles sour or half sour

$1.00 each

Plain Matzoh

$4.00 each

Egg Matzoh

$6.00 each

Roast Eggs

$1.00 each

Seder Plate

$11.95 each

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